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london boys in suits ♡ [entries|friends|calendar]
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[Monday the 28th, 10.20PM]
[ mood | bored ]

I'm now amore__x
i won't be using this anymore


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JEALOUS FUCKERS!!! [Tuesday the 22nd, 11.11AM]

some really immature rats have left comments in the
"Amy loves _____"
fill this out thing about two entries down
i don't care what you fucking say
and don't fucking talk about my friends like that
it's really sad how you're obviously too scared to write who you are instead of putting anonymous
i feel sorry for you in a way
you've obviously got nothing better to do than sit and call me fat and a lesbian
your lives are so fucking pathetic and so are your stupid wee minds
this isn't the first time something like this has happened around here...
well it is to me
but it happened a couple of weeks ago to someone else
conincidence i don't think so

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FRIENDS ONLY [Tuesday the 22nd, 11.02AM]
[ mood | content ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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you changed me </3 [Friday the 18th, 07.18PM]
[ mood | tired ]

today was a half day
also a non-uniform day
also the end of term
which means two weeks off
well tomorrow rebecca and rachel are coming to mine to go to mas
but not staying
for the reason i don't love them that much
no of course i do <3
today was good
went to see hitch with rachel
then went to t.g.i.s
then walked into central and all off a sudden i got pulled away by katy adn we went to queen street to watch a fight
missed the fight
caught up with the fight gang again
missed the fight
so today was fun

so long suckers

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and i never thought i'd touch an angel's wings [Wednesday the 16th, 06.59PM]
[ mood | bored ]

so today was
fuck i don't know
strange i suppose
i honesly think the wee boy from the gurdge is running about my house {also known as TOSHIOOO lol kaity, lucy, giulio and yaz}
i keep seeing something black running past at the corner of my eye
yes i am that paranoid
giulio and i were talking about 'Pirates of Penzance'
i had to slap him in it
but a real slap
i did a stupid one at first
and then father porter said "slap his face properly"
i had to do that three nights in a row ha ha
another thing
eljay is not "gay"

so long suckers

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I know i did one the other day but it makes me smile when people write nice things =) [Monday the 14th, 07.13PM]
[ mood | busy ]

Fill it out and leave it as a comment

Amy is ________.
I _________ Amy.
Amy <3's _________.
Amy wants _________.
If I were Amy, I would ___________.
I want to buy Amy a(n) ___________.
I've known Amy for ___________.
A memory that Amy and I share that I'll never forget is ____________.
Amy makes me ___________.
I feel like taking Amy to eat at ____________.
Amy reminds me of _____________.
Next time I see Amy I will ________________.
Amy needs ______________.

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changes... [Monday the 14th, 06.57PM]
[ mood | content ]

today's been pretty good
what made it even better though was a conversation i had about half an hour ago
and i do really hope things do work out
i miss alot of things
and it would be great if i could have them back again
sounds selfish
but it's the little things
that might not have made a word of sense to anyone but i'm hoping *someone special* might understand

so long suckers

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i don't mean to pry [Friday the 11th, 09.32PM]
[ mood | ill ]

Post five sentences about me in a comment. They can be memories, opinions, whatever.

For example:

Amy is a well-balanced and mature individual.
Once, Amy and I were in jail together.
Amy loves to listen to Gina G.
I can't stand spending time with Amy.
Amy's nose looks kind of like a carrot.

You get the idea.

Then, copy this into your journal and have your friends do it.

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all those sweet memories you gave me x [Friday the 11th, 09.09PM]
[ mood | ill ]

the pictures you've all been waiting for =P
they probably won't mean anything to you
but they mean alot to me
because i love every bit of every one of them <3

best friends <3Collapse )

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red nose day [Friday the 11th, 07.26PM]
[ mood | ill ]

well it's red nose day
we also had a half day toda for st. john ogilvies feast day (it was actually yesterday)
rachel and i went into town
i bought a bolero, a top and a pink pearl necklace
then i just went home
i have an awfuuul cold
och it's so annoying
i took my camera to school today
pictures will follow of the ones i love <33 e.g. rachel, kaity, sarah, lucy, steph, katherine & rebecca

so long suckers

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the sex you slipped into my coffee [Thursday the 10th, 07.42PM]
[ mood | reasonable ]

wow it's a long time
a few days but still a long time
i'm now offcially addicted to faceparty
i also have a fucking awful cold
and a sore throat
since it is a half day tomorrow
i'm going to buy myself a belero (sp?)
heh i've wanted one for a looong time
rachel's coming
maybe someone else too
can't really think of anything else to say
oh yes
those pictures below of rachel and i
the one's where we are wearing skirts it's because we were about to go to a party
there was some confusion over that and i just wanted to clear it up =)

so long suckers

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you're messing with the enemy [Sunday the 6th, 11.06AM]
[ mood | cold ]

i went to mas yesterday with rachel
i met her in town and we hung about central then went home and got dressed
it was good
i enjoyed it
except next time we're taking a group
because i'm not being dingied again
and i wouldn't like to dingy anyone else
we went out during it to find people
but we didn't find anyone
well we did
but they weren't going to mas
i'm going back
not next week though
maybe in the easter holidays
time for a few unbielevably bad photos lol:in town and before masCollapse )

so long suckers

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it's all goood =P [Friday the 4th, 06.59PM]
[ mood | happy ]

today was fun
i felt really mature in the morning
but i lost it during the day =)
ha ha had a game of "footbottle" today at lunch
basically it's just kicking a bottle about rather than a ball
my healthy eating's going surprisingly well
i've got a free pass for M.A.S. tomorrow night
and i might be going
if rachel's not allowed to go i'm not going
should be good though
it's so long 6 hours
but i'm only staying for 3 or 4
just depends how good it is
i miss going into town all the time
i used to go in every saturday almost
now it's like once a month lol
jen's coming home today till wednesday
i don't think i'll be able to see her
because i've already made plans for tomorrow
and it's mothers day on sunday
and then i have school
so i don't think it'll happen =(
unless she wants to come and visit me and sophie in school next week lol

so long suckers

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pictureees [Tuesday the 1st, 07.25PM]
[ mood | creative ]

i fucked about with some pics
just wanted to show them off =P

photographer in the making =PCollapse )

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boom [Tuesday the 1st, 07.00PM]
[ mood | calm ]

today was good
i was in a much better mood
it snowed though
i hate snow
unless it lands
i'm so unblievably fucking confused
mr. x well see it's all so confusing
i don't really want to talk about it much more
what else?
today was quite boring
nothing much happened

so long suckers

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[Monday the 28th, 08.35PM]
[ mood | shit ]

happy mood disappeared
i really don't understand boys
i think it's their hobbie to lead you on and leave you hanging
that's why i'm feeling like this
because of a stupid fuckass boy
i don't know what else to write
i have so much to say but people will see it
fuck i hate this thing
it's to public

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[Monday the 28th, 07.16PM]
[ mood | cheerful ]

ha i feel so fucking happy
but i don't know why?
and yes i fancy lucy =P
because today she said if she was a lesbian she'd fancy me
heh =)
i had one fucker of a nose bleed today
i lost our first break because it wouldn't stop
and i have blood on my jumper and who's washing machine has broken?
yes that's right mine
i don't know what happened to my horoscope today?
it said romance would be blooming with a capital R
and i realise that i can't trust a "current crush"
ok that's true
but the other bit isn't
my music taste has been exploring lately
i know how unbielevably fucking cheesy that just sounded
but seriously it has
i have one fucking wide range of music tastes
i'm not stuck to one genre
which i quite like
i've been taking to many fucking pictures
i love having my own digital camera
my orthodontist said my braces will be coming off soon =)
my teeth are very very straight
can't wait to get them off

so long suckers

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shitshitshit [Sunday the 27th, 09.14AM]
[ mood | fucked ]

so i was right
i jinxed myself
i did NOT have a good time at the party
i nearly blew up with my mum in the car on the way home i was so annoyed
when i came home i cried (not looking for attention btw just incase you're thinking that)
and sorry rachel i just really didn't feel like talking to anyone last night
and i fucking hate boys
so bloody much

so long suckers

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la la la =) [Saturday the 26th, 05.34PM]
[ mood | excited ]

i can't wait for tonight
i'm half ready and i'm really bored
might go text someone
might not actually
i straightedned my hair different
look: haaairCollapse )
oh well i'm off

so long suckers

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perfecto <3 [Saturday the 26th, 10.53AM]
[ mood | cold ]

everything really seems so perfect
things are being sorted out that should've been sorted out a long time ago
but everything actually seems really good
i'll enjoy it while it lasts
i bet i've just jinxed myself
oh well
i'm going to a party tonight
i don't have a clue who's it is??
but anyway
there's no point in needing to know
i need to phone kaity though
i want to fuck about before i go in

so long suckers

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