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london boys in suits ♡

this is my el to the fucking jaaay ayeee!

ಌ a m y ಌ
13 February

brown hair
blue eyes
tanned skin

.the stars are my fucking rainbow.

music dancing heels show off benefit addict taking twice as long to get ready being either too late or too early love for family love for friends love for him buying myself things i don't need being very spoiled having secrets i wish i could share hardly ever being able to look at a star hating contraception knowing i have people who love me

50 cent, about adam, acting, adam brody, angelina jolie, art, ashlee simpson, ashton kutcher, benefit, black roses, blue, blythe, bracelets, braces, britney spears, buffy the vampire slayer, butterflies, candles, candy necklaces, catriona, chad michael murray, charlie simpson, chaz, cherries, chocolate, christmas, ciara, cigarettes will kill you, closer, clothes, coffee, crazy/beautiful, cribs, cristiano ronaldo, cruel intentions, crying it helps, dancing, disney movies, donnie darko, doodles, drama, drawing, dreaming, dvds, earrings, ebay, english, everyone dies alone, faceparty, fairy wings, family, finding nemo, flip flops, francais, frank the bunny, ghost, giulio, given up on yesterday, glasgow, glitter, grandma death, gucci rush, gum, gwen stefani, halos, hammy, hannah, happy faces, happy tree friends, heartbreaks, hello kitty, i hate paris hilton, icons, irn bru, ja rule, jake gyllenhaal, jamie scott, jelly tots, jen, jet engine, justin, kaity, kanye west, kasabian, katherine, kisses in the snow, lacoste, laughing, liam, little britain, love songs, lucy, mac, macdonalds, magazines, makeup, mallon, mickey, mickey mouse, mischa barton, moodring, movies, msn messenger, music, my wife and kids, n.e.r.d., night, oliver james, one on one, outkast, photos, pink, popcorn, punk'd, rain, rainbow sprinkles, rainbows, rebecca, reds, sarah, singing, sleep, snoop dogg, snow, stars, stephanie, steven, stilettos, strawberries, summer, tears, that 70's show, the beach, the game, the girl next door, the killers, the nightmare before xmas, the o.c., town, true love, twista, usher